This blog is not biased toward any person’s political views or opinions, however, we do sympathize with those who share similar concerns.

As we all have come to terms with the realization that the newly elected candidate for president is Republican nominee Donald J. Trump. Also that the Republican party now has  full control of the House of Representatives and Senate. As unexpected and distracting as this campaign was many Americans were still hopeful that the official election win would spin in a different direction.

Based on the rash words and statements Trump has express during his campaign had a great effect on many Americans. From disregarding the privacy and respect for women, insulting people of Hispanic and African-American background, mocking people with disabilities, as well as making imprudent comments regarding future action in dealing with worldwide issues. Many took to social media and news outlets to express their deepest sympathy, despair, and frustration.

Celebrities such as Amandla Stenberg (@amandlastenberg) recently took to Instagram to express her feelings on the topic. :

“Hi all- I am  in shock and in this moment all I can do is express my love and gratitude for you. I feel a responsibility to see how you are doing because I care about you and the platform you have given me. I am grateful for the community of people I am surrounded by . I am amazed that close to a million people share my beliefs and keep faith in the voice we can cultivate together. I am honored to build this relationship with you and use the love we have for each other to change the world around us. I’m f@#$^&*! furious and I do not expect you to be brave or optimistic. You are entitled to your pain, fear and anger. It is important to process those emotions. However, all I can do [is] offer up my hope. It is easy in the moment to feel that our efforts- our dialouge, our fighting, our campaigning, our self acceptance and growth- has been futile. It’s a slap in the face to recognize that the world is not as we thought it was. It is harrowing and dreadful to feel that our work has been pointless. But this was a fear driven  response. This was a white retalliation = against the progress that we have made. This is evidence that we are rapidly shifting the narrative, changing our cultural climate, and demanding equality- and that is a terrifying and immediate threat to white privellage. Trumps’s presidency is a final desperate attempt to hold onto the white world of the past that is destine to die. It will die because we are powerful. If you look around you and at the kids, I know you will see your efforts reflected in the hearts of others- whether thats in the people you see or what you view here on this page. You will see it in the way media and culture is shifting to include us because we are forcing it to. I am your friend and I believein your actions. I only believe in myself because you have allowed me to. I hope my page is aspace where you can feel safe to speak and be angry. I encourage you to use it as such. I am not denying the concrete and physical danger of the future. I am telling you that your identity and strides are valid- even when you are tierd, even when you are just existing as you. I hope you are able to take care of yourselves right now.”

Sydney Park (@heysydneypark) also took to Instagram:

“In the midst of all this chaos, I am working on finding peace. What I’ve noticedthat these past few days is people in general are more open and easier to connect with than usual. I think the beautiful outcome will be us as Americans fighting for what we believe in and truly being a united front. We’ve come way to far to throw it all away now. Losing hope would be doing our great leaders who came before us an injustice. I encourage all of you to be kind to one another and spread love. Talk about the issues at hand. Get active! Now we have no choicebut to do our part as human beings! Now is the time to WAKE UP. We’ve got work to do…”

and many more

Pure Vision Inc. is a brand that promotes the goal of nurturing, motivating, and inspiring others. So to you, a friend of ours, we write a few words of encouragement.

 Hi Friends,

As we are sharing similar feelings about the outcome of this election, we are here to express our love and support to all of you. As we feel in having a connection to everyone who is supportive of the Pure Visions Inc. community we feel a sense of upholding a duty in asking if you are okay. In our motto “Let’s Grow Together” we attach deeper meaning in growing as a community, but as being supportive of others and boosting them up along the way. We feel that taking on this platform is a necessity  to spreading light and positivity in times when we are at most unsure, shaky, confused, etc. We are very aware that many people are feeling similar feelings about was is happening now and what is to come. We are not expecting anyone to have all the answers or to not feel as such, however, as we are extending our heart to you it is important to keep extending your hearts to others. Promoting hope, optimism, and peace of mind is the best thing that we can do a during this time and on.


Pure Visions Inc.

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