Everyone is always looking for the best and most beneficial cosmetics that will make your skin look and feel amazing! Lush cosmetics is truly one of the BEST natural cosmetic lines. Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics is one of the most reputable organic lines that fights against animal testing, promotes ethical buying, creates products that are 100% vegan, manufactures all products by hand and promotes naked packaging. This week we are giving you our take on some of Lush Cosmetics amazing products.

Let The Good Times Roll: Face and Body Cleanser

Let The Good Times Roll is one of my personal all time favorite cleansers! Not only does it smell amazing, it leaves your face feeling extremely fresh and exfoliated. Lush describes this product to be a gently exfoliating maize and polenta cleanser with an absolutely scrumptious sweet and salty popcorn scent for soft, smooth skin. This product definitely lives up to its name with its gritty exfoliating texture as well as its intoxicating sweet caramelized smell. This product is the absolute best that I have tried!

Vanillary: Fragrance 

Vanilliary is one of the best long-lasting fragrances I have tried yet! The smell itself is super intoxicated and will definitely turn heads. This specific scent is great for people who love sweet warm vanilla smells. All of the Lush fragrances are hand blended with fine essential oils. The long lasting scent of the fragrance allows a little to go a long way. Vanillary is definitely a #1 scent that I would recommend to anyone!

First Snow: Sparkling Dusting Powder

First Snow is an older product, but it is legendary. This sparkling dusting powder definitely gives your body a nice shining glow and gives off a nice citrus smell. This product definitely requires a little application to go a long way. Lush describes First Snow as a citrusy powder that creates a look on the skin as if it’s been kissed by twinkling snowflakes. First Snow definately lives up to its description by giving the body that glistening long-lasting glow.

Be sure to check out all of these products on the Lush official website.

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