Artist of The Month: Sophia Thakur

This Month Pure Visions Inc. would like recognized a infulential artist who is constantly exerting growth and inspiration by excercising her gifts. This Month, we would like to give the spotlight to the very talented poet/storyteller, Sophia Thakur. Sophia Thakur is an extremely talented artist that shares her views on social subject by incorporating them… Read More


By: Ashley Livingston Its the white cop on a black man, That got the black folks coming hand to hand, Its the black lives matter, when the whites shoot us down, That starts all this riots in the towns When a white cop help a colored person, Everything he does goes unnoticed, But let a… Read More

They say “Rome wasn’t build in a day” 

Poem by Kelli Gray  “they say” “Rome wasn’t built in a day” They say They say  They say  “Things won’t be easy. You’ll rock, you’ll be calm, then you’ll sway.” But shit, it’s okay Because I’ve learned about Rome through the years  The hard work, and the countless tears I’ve learned how to steady a… Read More