Most people immediately think of beauty and think of the outward physical body. When it comes to the physical beauty we have to truly love our skin, hair, shape and every feature we have. That’s Beauty! So, we should be less concerned about how we look and more considered about how we feel. The media will make us feel like our natural beauty is wrong. Like, we were born some freak alien or rare animal. No! Society is wrong.

We cannot let society take your peace of mind and happiness. We have to be happy with ourselves. Love ourselves. Be kind to ourselves. Iyanla Vanzant stated “Forgive yourself for believing that you’re anything less than beautiful.” Who we are as humans is what measures our beauty. Our beauty should be the way we love, our confidence, our happiness, and intelligence. Beauty is beyond a person whether it be inner or outer. “Beauty is what makes us feel good and alive”. – Breuna Williams


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